What’s your favorite space in your house? It says a lot about you. Find out Here!

What’s your favorite space in your house? Your choice says a lot about who you are as a person and what you like.  Among women and men alike, I would think the most popular room in a home would be the kitchen.  Men may gravitate more to a garage or man cave, women may be drawn more to an office, or their bedroom. The master bath could be the preferred place for both of you.  So what does your preference say about you?

The Kitchen – More than likely, if you love to be in the kitchen, you love to cook or bake.  You are a creative person who enjoys being with people and making others happy.  You are a nurturer and very giving. You tend to be a very happy and outgoing person.

The Dining Room – You love being a host. You prefer structure and order in your life.  You tend to thrive in formal settings.  You love being with friends and family.  You can be the type that puts on a happy face even in bad times.  You tend to avoid conflict.

The Den – You enjoy reading or watching movies.  You love being with family.  You like being casual and comfortable.

The Home Office – You like having a space that is yours.  You are a productive person.  You are  generally a responsible person.  You can be a workaholic. You like having a busy life.  You enjoy organization.  You like to be in control.

The Bathroom – You are a laid back person or an anxious person trying to be a laid back person.  You enjoy quiet and peace or you’re a mom or dad trying to get peace and quiet. You are at times a loner and enjoy time to yourself. You enjoy comfort and the finer things in life.   You are one that tends to follow trends.  Admit it, it just looks very hipster and cool to take a bubble bath, like your favorite actor on the screen.

The Bedroom –  If you are single, you tend to be a private person. You don’t usually care what people think of you.  You like just being “you”.  You like to have your way.  You can be somewhat spoiled or want to be spoiled.  You love to sleep.  You can also be a loner.   If you are a couple, you are a romantic at heart. You enjoy spending alone time with your significant other.  You love the security of your space and being with your partner.

The Garage, Basement or Man Cave –  You like to have fun.  You are loud and a definite extrovert.  You enjoy collecting things. You have hobbies.  You are excited to have friends over to entertain. You have expensive taste.

Outside- You are an adventurous person.  You love animals and nature.  You are physically fit and enjoy exercise.  You are in touch with your spirituality.  You enjoy the simple life.  You enjoy traveling and new experiences.

Now you may understand why your favorite space is your chosen spot.  There’s a reason for all things, wouldn’t you say?

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