Warm up by the Fire?!

Oak Island and Southport NC is known for its mild winters and laid back lifestyles, which includes lots of entertaining at home and outdoor activities for the whole family.   This attracts many families to vacation or even relocate to this area.  While the winters are generally pleasant at the beach, January and February are typically our coolest months. This can put a damper on your fun, especially for outdoor plans. However, fire pits or outdoor fire places can be just what you need to warm up your backyard. 

Fire pits are becoming more popular every day.  They provide a cozy ambience to improve any mood.  Having a night by the fire, roasting marshmallows or cooking a meal is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends. This allows you to gather outdoors even on a chilly day.  There are many activities to do around a fire pit from cooking, playing games or just relaxing.

Another option to heat up your backyard is an outdoor fireplace.  A fireplace not only provides warmth, but can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can add symmetry to the design of your outdoor living space.  A Fireplace can be a bit more expensive than a fire pit but with it, you can have more features.   

There is something about a fire that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and relaxes you. Whatever it is, start making your plans now and let us know if we can help you create your own retreat. 

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