Peaceful Outdoor Living

Cool breezes, blue skies, bright sun … where have you been?  Fall is finally here, and for now, the excessive rain seems to be gone in North Carolina.  Fall is a great time of the year for outside activities with your friends and family.  What better way to host a get-together than to have a screened porch or other outside entertainment area on your home.

Screened porches are especially common in the south, where the weather is mild, where neighbors and families gather for barbecues and birthday parties.  You can enjoy the fresh air minus flies and mosquitos. Screened Porches aren’t the only option of outside living space on your home. You will find several other possibilities such as pergolas, decks, patios, and more.

Pergolas are pretty shaded walkways or sitting areas with vertical posts that support an open roof of girders and cross rafters. Sometimes you will find them attached to the home or more often in flower gardens with vine growing plants that shade you from the sun while enjoying the Carolina’s warm weather. Patios also can be attached or unattached to the home.  They are typically made of concrete or stone on the ground level and do not have any structure or railings.  A patio is a great option if you would like to include a fire pit in your design.  Unlike Patios, Decks can be attached at the first or second level of your home, usually constructed of wood with railings and provide a generous recreational area.

Having a great outdoor space that may include an outdoor kitchen, a space for the barbeque, cozy fire pits, an inviting hot tub and a relaxed sitting and dining areas can add value to your home and benefits to your life.  If you are getting ready to build or are interested in adding such features, call us for a consultation today and be on your way to a more peaceful environment.

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