Ready to Build? How to Save a Buck while Building!

Ready to Build??  Many times aspiring new home builders fantasize about their new space and how it will be everything they dream of.   It is not out of the ordinary for both the wife of the home, as well as the husband to have already visualized their perfect place in the new house and exactly how it will look and function.  Often times, the expense of that look has yet to become a reality to them.  However, there are many ways to save a buck while building a new home without sacrificing key features that you may be planning for.

First of all, as with most things in life, it’s always better to “Keep it Simple”.  Do you really need to build a house with such intricate exterior detail, a complex roof line or a bazillion gables just so the neighbors have a nice view from their windows?  A more complex or detailed plan = more expense.  If you are unsure what to go with, look at stock plans or even ask your builder.  In addition, if you find a plan that your contractor has already built, you can not only save money on design, but he will have the experience and knowledge to advise you on what will or will not work with that particular home.

Splurge on things that matter, such as kitchen cabinets or hardware flooring.  You may want to spend more on items in areas of the home that your visitors will see versus a bedroom or laundry area.  Also, keep in mind that many options can be easily changed later, but keeping good quality materials for items that may be harder to change such as windows or a fireplace is important.

Other ways to save would be to refrain from 2 story open areas, as they are wasted space and increase the cost of your energy bills.  Also keep a watch on the square footage.  Only build the amount of house you need.  That will save you not only in materials and labor, but in your utility bills and maintenance in the long run.

If you would like to go over your potential new home plan, call for an appointment today with Craig at 910-278-9663.

The Construction of Outside

Often times when building a new home, many property owners do not give as much thought to the exterior of the home as they do the interior.  When making your plans be sure to take all options into consideration: everything from the siding to the landscaping or from the porch to the driveway.  For many families the outside of the home can be just as important as the inside.  For an example, if you have children you may want to fence in the backyard as a safe play area.  If you have a lot of tools, you may want an outdoor work shed.  Here is a simple checklist of items you may want to consider while in the planning stages of home building.

  1. Do you want patios, decks, a sunroom, covered porches etc.?
  2. Would you like a pool or grill area?
  3. Is a fence needed?
  4. What type of driveway would you prefer?
  5. Do you want vinyl siding, brick or other type of siding for your home?
  6. What color would you like the trim, shutters, shingles, siding, etc. to be?
  7. Are you planning for a garage? If so, do you need a 1 or 2 car garage?
  8. Will you want an outdoor storage shed?
  9. How many faucets or electrical outlets will you need outside the house?
  10. Is there any special landscaping preferred?

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The Two Most Important Areas of Your New Home

When building a new home, always keep in mind that you may one day decide to build a larger home or move from the area. In this case, resale value of your new construction is extremely important. There are two areas of your home that you should focus on during building. The Kitchen and bathrooms are what sells a home.

An updated open kitchen that is spacious and has plenty of natural light is most desirable in today’s market. Additional options that are great for resale are granite or quartz countertops, ample counter space including an island or peninsula, a pantry, quality appliances and a nice backsplash.

With bathrooms, it is essential that there are at least 2 or 2 ½ bathrooms in the home. Having a full bathroom in the master suite is nearly expected in most homes today. Master baths that have the best selling features are of a good size with a large walk in shower. Any upgrades such as quality counter tops, double sinks and tile are an advantage. An additional full bathroom with a tub and shower combination is usually sufficient for any additional bedrooms in the home. For an extra bonus, a half bath for guests is virtually a guaranteed sell especially if you have a multi-story home.

Moore Development has the experience and ability to build you the perfect home with an extraordinary kitchen and exquisite bathrooms to meet your needs and budget. Give us a call today for an estimate!Finished Kitchen

Selecting the Right Construction Loan Lender

ConstructionFinding the right lender is a vital beginning to home ownership. Before ground breaks or a builder is selected a lender is needed. It is important to get pre approval with a lender prior to setting your budget to see what you will qualify for or how much house you can actually afford. It is also good idea to have the lender give you the basic requirements necessary to secure financing, so you are prepared.

One of these requirements will be to have a licensed contractor. As a licensed contractor, Moore Development can guide you to a competitive lender. We are accustomed to working with various lenders and loan types and can make the process as straightforward as possible.

When financing the construction of your new home, the options will vary a great deal. Part of shopping for a lender is comparing the available programs to see what will work best for your situation. Often times a lender will have opportunities for Construction – Perm Loans or Construction Only Loans. The advantage to doing a Construction Perm Loan is that you have one closing with one set of closing fees and you already have permanent financing in place. However, if you run over budget, you will need to come up with additional funds or take a second loan. The benefit to doing a Construction Only loan is you are able to shop around for a permanent loan, and you can modify the loan amount should you go over budget. The drawback to a construction only loan is there are two closing with two sets of fees and you could have difficulty finding permanent financing. Finding a lender who will work for you to get the best deal is essential.

Don’t forget Moore Development is ready to be your resource and solution to building your new home

Ready to Build? How to Find a Reputable Home Builder

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Ready to Build?

There are several things to look for when searching for a reputable builder. Often times you will find your perfect home builder through a friend or family member that has previously used a contractor on one of their projects. Your lender or area realtors can also provide valuable information on the top builders in the area. However, you definitely want to do your own research before you sign the dotted line. A simple internet search is a good starting place to find a contractor. Most builders will have photos and information of completed homes on their website. This is a good resource to see what type of homes the builder is accustomed to building. Minimizing your list to two builders is a good idea as you move into the interviewing phase.
A qualified builder doesn’t need to be a large organization with a $50,000 marketing budget or flashy billboards. The best builder needs to be available and hold the experience necessary to build your home according to your needs and requests.  The most important step is to verify that the builder is experienced and licensed. Likewise, you will want to confirm references from past or current customers. If possible, a tour of a completed project would be ideal.

Moore Development is ready to meet with you, taking the time to get to know you and your needs; following up with a well written and clear estimate. We are a call away and are available to address any concerns or questions.

Five Ways to Save for your Down Payment on a New Home

mortgage-settlement-closingYou are ready to build your dream home in the perfect location. You go to your lender to start the process and they drop the bomb on you. You need a 5% – 20% down payment to build. For some this can be a total surprise and can be quite overwhelming, while others may have been prepared for this requirement.  An important part of building a new home is saving for the down payment.

Here are five tips to help you reach your goal:

  1. Set a Household Budget and Stick to it. Include a Savings as a line item in your budget. Delete any unnecessary expenses such as cable, etc. from your budget.
  2. Avoid obtaining any new credit, and consider transferring balances of high interest rates credit to a no or lower interest rate option.
  3. Place any unexpected income such as gifts, tax refunds, etc. in your savings. Get a pay raise? Take the extra and put it into your savings as well.
  4. Trade out higher cost expenses and swap them out for a more affordable option. Skip the morning Lattes and have coffee at home. Disconnect cable and subscribe to Netflix. Eliminate your home phone and just use your mobile phone.
  5. Use your resources. Sell an item you are not using. Pull money from an IRA, as you are not penalized on money used for first time home purchases.

Set the goal and start working towards it today.   If you are already there, or once you accomplish it, call Craig at Moore Development for a new construction proposal. You will be in your new home in no time!

Oak Island, NC is THE Location

Oak Island is the location for you!  One of the first steps and most important steps of building or buying a new home is to find a location that you are happy with.   You may have heard the expression “location, location, location” a few times and the reason is because location is ultimately the most significant decision in the home building or buying process.   

When looking for a new home or home site, some of the characteristics to look at are climate, convenience, leisurely activities, community, and resale values. 


Oak Island-Southport, NC is a pleasant coastal area with a year-round temperature average of 70°F, with the small town ambiance that many long to escape. 

This community offers all the conveniences and activities available including shops, restaurants, local art galleries, and beaches. 

If you are looking to retreat to a slow paced life style of relaxation and fun, this area is for you.  Average home costs are in the $200K range and resale values are stable. 

Moore Development is waiting for you to share your dream home plans with us. Call today for a consultation!

Oak Island Lighthouse

Oak Island Lighthouse

Happy 4th of July from Moore Development!

Caroline Moore working - Beach Day 2015

Caroline Moore working – Beach Day 2015

Happy 4th of July from Moore Development!

Moore Development is located in Oak Island, NC.  Southport-Oak Island Area is the Home of the North Carolina 4th of July Festival. Southport is #5 of the top 10 small town 4th of July celebrations in the United States according to Yahoo Travel.  If you have never been here during the festival you are truly missing out.  Visit  for more info and an events calendar.

Today is Beach Day at Oak Island NC including a Fireworks Display at 9:00 pm.  This is a day next to the beach with everything from Sand Sculpture Contests to Shag Contests and other fun activities.  Come for a visit to see what a nice, relaxing and fun area Oak Island is.  While you’re here check in with us here at Moore Development to discuss your building options in such a desirable community.

Energy Efficient Homes on the Rise with New Construction

With temperatures consistently in the mid to high 90’s in our area this summer.  It is becoming more difficult to keep our homes cool and the requests for energy efficient homes are on the rise with new construction.

More than ever, new home builders are requesting energy efficient options to cut costs while keeping their homes comfortable. Moore Development is ready to step in with a superior design with everything from spray foam insulation and dual paned windows, to more unconventional methods.  If you are ready to build and reap the benefits with lower utilities bills, greater home values, and more, call Craig today for a consultation.


Welcome to Moore Development’s New Construction Blog

Craig & Tracy Moore

Craig & Tracy Moore

Welcome to the first entry of Moore Development’s New Construction Blog! We are a full service general contracting firm. Contractor, Craig Moore has 20+ years of experience in new construction, remodeling, residential and commercial construction. Construction is thriving right now in Oak Island. This blog is being implemented to keep you up to date on development in our area and information on our current and upcoming projects. We hope you will come back to our blog often to see what’s happening in new construction and development in the community of Oak Island located in Brunswick County, NC. Don’t forget to comment on our blogs with any opinions, questions or observations you may have.