Is It More Cost-Effective to Build?

If you are currently renting and thinking of moving into your own home, you may be weighing the cost of building a new house vs. buying an existing home.  If you have been looking at the current real estate listings in the Brunswick County area, you may have noticed the cost of older homes are practically the same or even more expensive than homes listed that are New Construction or Build to Suit.

The benefits to building your home or even buying new construction definitely outweigh the benefits of buying an existing home.  New construction homes are warrantied for a minimum of one year.  They are also more energy efficient because of advancements in window, insulation and heating and air system designs.  Often times with an existing home, updates may be required.  This could be anything from cosmetic changes or even updating the plumbing and electrical to meet current code requirements.

Building is certainly the way to go because you can control the budget and move into a home that is up-to-date and is exactly what you have chosen.  Building is booming again for that very reason.  Be sure to keep Moore Development in mind and call us for a free consultation today at 910-278-9663.

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