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“There’s No Place Like Home”

The expression is “There’s no place like home”.  Your home offers you the opportunity to enjoy life.  It gives back to you.  It gives you the space to host a gathering of friends and family.  It gives you countless comforts and sweet moments that you may not have had otherwise.  This is especially true during the holidays.  Christmas is a time of sharing, traditions and being home with your family.  So many memories are made during holiday celebrations as we grow up and get older.  Your fondest memories may be decorating the Christmas tree in the den or baking cookies in the kitchen, hanging the stockings by the fireplace or stringing enough lights to light up a small town from your roof.  Making memories like this not only bonds you to your family but to your home as well.  Times such as these are what turn your house into a home.

If you’ve been thinking of building, there’s no better time!  Get started by contacting Craig with Moore Development at 910-278-9663 today.

Before you BUY, you should BUILD!

There are many reasons why you may want to think of building before you buy a new home. The leading benefit to building is that you can customize your home to what you want and need.  You can select everything from the location, to the wall colors, fixtures and square footage.

Another advantage to building is that your entire home will be new and updated.  Often times when you buy an existing home, you are forced into renovations and changes.  As you open walls or demo existing features, it is not only time consuming but there could be considerably more costs than you anticipated.

You have generally more control when you decide to build a house.  You control not only the plan and features but you control the cost.  You can go as extravagant or as simple as you wish.  You can control how “green” your home is, or how “safe” it is from storms or the environment.

Overall, when building a home, you have peace of mind since you were there through the entire process.   In addition, one of the most important decisions you will make to start is selecting your contractor.   Craig Moore of Moore Development is not only an experienced and licensed contractor but he will help you with each step throughout the entire process.  Call for a free consultation today!