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Warm up by the Fire?!

Oak Island and Southport NC is known for its mild winters and laid back lifestyles, which includes lots of entertaining at home and outdoor activities for the whole family.   This attracts many families to vacation or even relocate to this area.  While the winters are generally pleasant at the beach, January and February are typically our coolest months. This can put a damper on your fun, especially for outdoor plans. However, fire pits or outdoor fire places can be just what you need to warm up your backyard. 

Fire pits are becoming more popular every day.  They provide a cozy ambience to improve any mood.  Having a night by the fire, roasting marshmallows or cooking a meal is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends. This allows you to gather outdoors even on a chilly day.  There are many activities to do around a fire pit from cooking, playing games or just relaxing.

Another option to heat up your backyard is an outdoor fireplace.  A fireplace not only provides warmth, but can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can add symmetry to the design of your outdoor living space.  A Fireplace can be a bit more expensive than a fire pit but with it, you can have more features.   

There is something about a fire that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling and relaxes you. Whatever it is, start making your plans now and let us know if we can help you create your own retreat. 

“There’s No Place Like Home”

The expression is “There’s no place like home”.  Your home offers you the opportunity to enjoy life.  It gives back to you.  It gives you the space to host a gathering of friends and family.  It gives you countless comforts and sweet moments that you may not have had otherwise.  This is especially true during the holidays.  Christmas is a time of sharing, traditions and being home with your family.  So many memories are made during holiday celebrations as we grow up and get older.  Your fondest memories may be decorating the Christmas tree in the den or baking cookies in the kitchen, hanging the stockings by the fireplace or stringing enough lights to light up a small town from your roof.  Making memories like this not only bonds you to your family but to your home as well.  Times such as these are what turn your house into a home.

If you’ve been thinking of building, there’s no better time!  Get started by contacting Craig with Moore Development at 910-278-9663 today.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Build?

If you are currently renting and thinking of moving into your own home, you may be weighing the cost of building a new house vs. buying an existing home.  If you have been looking at the current real estate listings in the Brunswick County area, you may have noticed the cost of older homes are practically the same or even more expensive than homes listed that are New Construction or Build to Suit.

The benefits to building your home or even buying new construction definitely outweigh the benefits of buying an existing home.  New construction homes are warrantied for a minimum of one year.  They are also more energy efficient because of advancements in window, insulation and heating and air system designs.  Often times with an existing home, updates may be required.  This could be anything from cosmetic changes or even updating the plumbing and electrical to meet current code requirements.

Building is certainly the way to go because you can control the budget and move into a home that is up-to-date and is exactly what you have chosen.  Building is booming again for that very reason.  Be sure to keep Moore Development in mind and call us for a free consultation today at 910-278-9663.

Storage in your New Home

Storage or the lack thereof is becoming an all too common problem in our homes today.  If you are in the midst of planning to build a new home or even to remodel your current home, this is the perfect time to look at your storage needs and plan accordingly.  Having ample storage helps you to not only stay organized and tidy but also saves space.  There are many ways to store items, whether you want them to be on display or out of sight.  Having built-in bookcases or shelves is a great way to store items that you want to be seen.  Built-ins can be decorative and add character to your home while being useful.  You can store anything from books to pictures to trophies.  You may prefer to have a built-in with doors to store such items as your TV and media devices so they are not seen.  Storage cabinets built in under the stairs are another area to contain items that you may want to keep under wraps.  Adding furniture that doubles as storage such as buffets, tables, and ottomans are functional decorative furnishings. Either option would be a great addition to any living area.

There are several opportunities to gain storage in your kitchen and bath.  One way is by having kitchen cabinets that go all the way to your ceiling.  The top shelves are a good place to store small appliances or items that are not used frequently.  Adding open shelving to your kitchen or bath can look good while providing storage.  Having your drawers deeper in your kitchen and bathrooms will also give you more usable space.  It’s also helpful to add cabinets to your laundry area, or organizers with shelves and drawers to your closets.

At Moore Development we can help you maximize storage in your home through careful planning and attention to detail.

The Value of Impact Glass Windows in your Home

The Value of Impact Glass Windows in your Home

Impact Glass Windows are not only a valuable but a beneficial investment in your new home. Unlike standard windows that will break with minimal force, Impact Glass Windows are shatter resistant glass that is secured in a heavy duty frame.  These windows are made up of two layers of glass bonded by a layer of polyvinyl butaryl.  This means even if your window takes a blow and cracks, it will still be intact and therefore your home will not be exposed to hurricane winds, water, theft or anything that may have cause the contact.

Typically Impact Glass Windows can withstand winds in excess of 135mph.  This is favorable, especially in coastal areas where hurricanes are a common occurrence.  In the event there’s a hurricane and you have standard windows, there are a few options for you, though they are not the most convenient or attractive routes.  You would need to purchase a ladder, purchase sheets of plywood, prep the wood with numbers and drill holes in them, and be ready to put them over your standard windows in messy weather or hire someone to do it for you.  Keep in mind you will also need to find a place to store the plywood when not in use.

The other option would be to install hurricane shutters on your home which are not only costly but they tend to block natural light inside and are also not the most attractive look for the exterior of your home.

Impact Glass Windows have the appearance of a standard window with low maintenance and all the benefits.  Overall, the initial cost of Impact Glass is more (approximately 60%) yet with them you have peace of mind when a storm hits with no additional effort on your part. You may also quality to receive a discount on your insurance premiums, and your home looks beautiful all the time.

Here at Moore Development, Craig promotes the use of Impact Glass Windows because he knows that good quality materials yield a good quality built home.

Happy 4th of July from Moore Development!

Caroline Moore working - Beach Day 2015

Caroline Moore working – Beach Day 2015

Happy 4th of July from Moore Development!

Moore Development is located in Oak Island, NC.  Southport-Oak Island Area is the Home of the North Carolina 4th of July Festival. Southport is #5 of the top 10 small town 4th of July celebrations in the United States according to Yahoo Travel.  If you have never been here during the festival you are truly missing out.  Visit  for more info and an events calendar.

Today is Beach Day at Oak Island NC including a Fireworks Display at 9:00 pm.  This is a day next to the beach with everything from Sand Sculpture Contests to Shag Contests and other fun activities.  Come for a visit to see what a nice, relaxing and fun area Oak Island is.  While you’re here check in with us here at Moore Development to discuss your building options in such a desirable community.

Energy Efficient Homes on the Rise with New Construction

With temperatures consistently in the mid to high 90’s in our area this summer.  It is becoming more difficult to keep our homes cool and the requests for energy efficient homes are on the rise with new construction.

More than ever, new home builders are requesting energy efficient options to cut costs while keeping their homes comfortable. Moore Development is ready to step in with a superior design with everything from spray foam insulation and dual paned windows, to more unconventional methods.  If you are ready to build and reap the benefits with lower utilities bills, greater home values, and more, call Craig today for a consultation.