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The Value of Impact Glass Windows in your Home

The Value of Impact Glass Windows in your Home

Impact Glass Windows are not only a valuable but a beneficial investment in your new home. Unlike standard windows that will break with minimal force, Impact Glass Windows are shatter resistant glass that is secured in a heavy duty frame.  These windows are made up of two layers of glass bonded by a layer of polyvinyl butaryl.  This means even if your window takes a blow and cracks, it will still be intact and therefore your home will not be exposed to hurricane winds, water, theft or anything that may have cause the contact.

Typically Impact Glass Windows can withstand winds in excess of 135mph.  This is favorable, especially in coastal areas where hurricanes are a common occurrence.  In the event there’s a hurricane and you have standard windows, there are a few options for you, though they are not the most convenient or attractive routes.  You would need to purchase a ladder, purchase sheets of plywood, prep the wood with numbers and drill holes in them, and be ready to put them over your standard windows in messy weather or hire someone to do it for you.  Keep in mind you will also need to find a place to store the plywood when not in use.

The other option would be to install hurricane shutters on your home which are not only costly but they tend to block natural light inside and are also not the most attractive look for the exterior of your home.

Impact Glass Windows have the appearance of a standard window with low maintenance and all the benefits.  Overall, the initial cost of Impact Glass is more (approximately 60%) yet with them you have peace of mind when a storm hits with no additional effort on your part. You may also quality to receive a discount on your insurance premiums, and your home looks beautiful all the time.

Here at Moore Development, Craig promotes the use of Impact Glass Windows because he knows that good quality materials yield a good quality built home.

Ready to Build? How to Save a Buck while Building!

Ready to Build??  Many times aspiring new home builders fantasize about their new space and how it will be everything they dream of.   It is not out of the ordinary for both the wife of the home, as well as the husband to have already visualized their perfect place in the new house and exactly how it will look and function.  Often times, the expense of that look has yet to become a reality to them.  However, there are many ways to save a buck while building a new home without sacrificing key features that you may be planning for.

First of all, as with most things in life, it’s always better to “Keep it Simple”.  Do you really need to build a house with such intricate exterior detail, a complex roof line or a bazillion gables just so the neighbors have a nice view from their windows?  A more complex or detailed plan = more expense.  If you are unsure what to go with, look at stock plans or even ask your builder.  In addition, if you find a plan that your contractor has already built, you can not only save money on design, but he will have the experience and knowledge to advise you on what will or will not work with that particular home.

Splurge on things that matter, such as kitchen cabinets or hardware flooring.  You may want to spend more on items in areas of the home that your visitors will see versus a bedroom or laundry area.  Also, keep in mind that many options can be easily changed later, but keeping good quality materials for items that may be harder to change such as windows or a fireplace is important.

Other ways to save would be to refrain from 2 story open areas, as they are wasted space and increase the cost of your energy bills.  Also keep a watch on the square footage.  Only build the amount of house you need.  That will save you not only in materials and labor, but in your utility bills and maintenance in the long run.

If you would like to go over your potential new home plan, call for an appointment today with Craig at 910-278-9663.